Back home

I came back home, where everything seems to be working. Perhaps it’s my Lenovo laptop that has a malicious program. I will need to sort it out because I don’t need such an absurd obstacle from my own computer during any future travel.

My trip was successful, I learned a lot about badminton (the conference was about it) and earned some money. Yesterday I went to the centre of the Gold Coast and also had a long walk barefoot on the beautiful endless beach. It was sunny and I saw many happy faces around. Young people played beach volleyball, and did surfing. In the centre, on land, there was a number of concerts, one of which was blues – I really liked it. There was also a fair. It was a lovely seaside resort city Sunday.

Hi from a sports hero :-)

Greetings from the city which is impressively called Gold Coast. I am here to work as an inerpreter at a sports conference for 2 days. Today was a successful one. However, the weather  is not inspirational at all: it has been overcast and rainy the whole day. Never mind, it was glorious yesterday: sunshine and all.

My server started to give me trouble this morning, but I was able to find a temporary solution, thank god. Nevertheless, I must warn you that if you see no posts in the next few days, do not be surprised, and please accept my apologies in advance.

Another thing I’d like to mention is that one of the interpreters is gay (by the way he has had his current partner/husband for many years). I have known this interpreter for quite a while. The good news is that we are everywhere, and the world needs us! 🙂