I apologize for the interruprion in communication. On the last day in Portugal, and then during my transit in Spain, I did not have access to the Internet: neither in trains, nor at train stations … It was like a conspiracy. I arrived in Moscow on Monday and was a bit unwell initially. But now I have access to the Internet- I bought a local SIM card.

I liked Portugal: Lisbon is a beautiful city, with signs of the former colonial grandeur. I also visited the charming Sintra, a city of palaces, and, by the way, Byron’s favorite place. I was in transit in Madrid and visited, for a couple of hours, the Prado Museum: as usual, I was deeply moved by the Spanish art: Goya, Velasquez, El Greco… In Moscow I communicate spend most of my time with my mother: we were very happy to see each other after one year.