Ville d’AX les Thermes

In March this year (10/3) I visited a tourist village called Ville d’AX les Thermes, which is located in France, on the border with Spain, and where we stopped on the way to Andorra. It is a mountain ski resort with lifts. At the same time, it is a mineral water resort. They have a large pavilion there, where the entrance is for a fee and where you can have some procedures in style and under supervision. In several places of the village, there are also small pools with lukewarm and really warm water, where anyone can immerse their feet (recommended for up to 15 minutes) and which are completely free. Together with some tourists from our group, as well as with some residents and guests of the village, I did this, and received a boost of energy and health. I saw a few good-looking guys there (particularly skiers) and even took pictures, but unfortunately they were taken against the sun, and the quality is poor, so I am not going to publish them. As for food, it is there everywhere (cafes, restaurants, shops). Healthy, and not so.

And here are some photos to give you an idea of how this place looks like: