My trip to Sydney

Yesterday I returned from a 5-day trip to Sydney, where I went to attend a translation and interpreting workshop. The workshop was successful. I met a number of my colleagues there whom I have known for a long time, and got to know new people.

Currently a festival of lights “Vivid” is being held in Sydney. Color shows on the water are conducted, buildings are filled with changing bright lights… They all look beautiful, including the Opera House and the Museum of Contemporary Arts. Lights are everywhere. It all starts at 6 pm. One evening I went to Darling Harbor, and another evening, to Sydney Harbor-Circular Quay. Of course, no regrets. I will try to put a selection of photos for you on this website soon.

I met quite a few nice gay guys, with one of whom I had heartfelt conversations. He is, by the way, from Madrid, and has been living and working in Sydney for almost two years. For me, this was like a pleasant extension of my recent Spanish trip.

June 1

My best wishes to all those of you who live in the northern hemisphere, in view of the onset (for most people, long-awaited) of summer, and the inhabitants of the southern hemisphere (including my fellow Australians) – in view of the onset of winter (a wonderful season too)!

I also wish to remind you that June 1 is the International Day for Protection of Children. Special protection, I believe, is required for gay children whose feelings and identities are often suppressed and oppressed by the family, school and society. For some reason, many still believe that by becoming cripples and liars, they will bring greater benefit to themselves and others. Therefore, we must fight to ensure that such children are free and can grow up as equal and happy people who are able to enjoy their sexuality fully, without fear and confusion!