Pride Week in Cairns

Tomorrow, Saturday, begins the Pride Week in Cairns.

Here’s the link to the program:

I’d like to highlight some key events within the framework of this LGBT week.

30 September: “Out!” party after the concert of Elton John in Cairns
1 October:
16.30 Survival (At QuAC (our gay centre), LGBT elders will share stories of survival – of challenges they faced and overcame. Funny stories. Sad stories. Some may bring a tear to your eye. But all will be uplifting.)
20.00 Concert by Matthew Mitcham (our Olympic champion, now also an actor and musician)
6 October: Opening of the Gaze Art exhibition
8 October: Fair Day

Elton John (born in 1947, coming-out in 1976):

Matthew Mitcham (born in 1988, coming-out in 2008):