Chillagoe Automobile Museum

Let me continue my photo story about Chillagoe. Today I want to show you an unusual museum – an automobile one. The pictures speak for themselves. It is interesting that in such a remote place lives such an enthusiast of vintage cars. He restored a number of hopelessly, at first glance, broken and neglected machines.

This museum smoothly turns into a colorful dump of rusty vehicles and, further, to an endless savannah where wallabies (small kangaroos) are hopping, different kinds of birds are sitting on trees and flying around, and even further, to camping grounds (where our gay group stayed), to an observatory and to a cottage hotel with 4-star rooms. By the way, the property, which includes the camping grounds, the observatory and the cottage hotel, is owned by a friendly middle-aged couple: husband and wife. They are enthusiasts of astronomy and conduct those ‘galaxy’ sessions. They enjoy a good reputation, and professional astronomers from Japan regularly come here. When our gay group was there, a dozen Japanese came to live in the hotel. They use both their own equipment for astronomical observations and the telescope of the observatory. They booked for five days, and come here every year.