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Today is Sunday. I am in a good mood. However yesterday, for some reason, I was feeling low. I did only 30% of what was planned. There are days when nothing is right. I even got a little scared: will it always be like this? But no, today things look different: either the chemistry in the brain or the body has changed, or a pleasant meeting last night with someone (he is not a gay, by the way, I must say, foreseeing a possible question) helped.

I have not recovered completely from my overseas trip – my sleep got back to normal just a few days ago, and same goes for my ability to work. My thoughts are often elsewhere – in the countries I recently visited. They have changed my life and approach to life, and that despite my age and previous vast life experience. And that’s great! That means I have not lost the ability to feel like a young person, I can still change and am still full of admiration for beautiful things!

Now even places in Cairns, my Australian home town, seem to me brighter and more exciting.

Yesterday, I set the goal to start preparing my tax return. I planned to complete it in two days: yesterday and today. I do it once a year and just hate it. Figures, receipts, explanations … Calculations … I do it of course, forcing myself. However, I always have a nasty feeling that I could spend my time much better, watching films, reading books, speaking to my friends… Nevertheless, I reason myself: it is my civil duty and is required by the law, and moreover, people, including me, need discipline. So, in the end I do send the materials to my accountant, who finalises them and lodges an electronic tax return with the tax office. A few weeks later I am told if I need to pay more tax or will get a refund because I overpaid. The latter is more pleasant than the former, naturally. By the way, those who have an accountant can lodge a tax return later than those who prepare it by themselves. They were required to lodge it by the end of October for the 2015/16 financial year. In Australia, the financial year begins on July 1 and ends on June 30.

Yesterday I did not have the energy to prepare the tax return, but today I do, so I’ll start soon.

At the same time, I need to prepare for interpreting at a 2-day conference next week in another city (Gold Coast). A new topic and new terms to be learnt…

I’d like to boast a little: despite my mood swings, I try to update every day, even a little bit, my main websites-blogs and social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I hardly ever watch TV, and I rarely read newspapers. I get information mostly online, and social media are an important resource: good choice, and more objective information after all. And you can find so many things there! I’m sure you know it from your own experience.

And now I want to share some IMPORTANT NEWS.

Queensland’s Parliament last week apologised to the hundreds of men who were convicted in the past of gay sex offences in the state.

The Government also introduced a bill on Thursday to allow people to apply to have their historical convictions expunged.

Gay relations were decriminalised in Queensland in 1991, with 464 people charged with offences up to that date.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk told Parliament too many innocent people had suffered because of the discriminatory laws.

Justice is being restored, the inadequacy of the legislation that was in force with regard to gays is recognized. This is a big victory for the LGBT community of our state. And not only our state, but all of Australia, and all over the world. This is a great victory for all progressive people on the planet.

Now I will briefly comment on the recent presidential elections in France. Primarily in relation to LGBT people.

I’m glad that it was Emmanuel Macron who won the election in France, and not Marine Le Pen. Whatever they might say about him, he is a progressive person and will never fight against gay rights, in particular, the same-sex marriage legislation. This law, just to remind you, was adopted when François Hollande was in power. No matter what somebody might say about him, I consider Hollande a competent politician and a man deserving respect. If Marine Le Pen had won, she would be fighting against gays and for repealing the same-sex marriage legislation. This would be a monstrosity.

And now I want to finish my story – I need to do other things as well. Other topics I would like to comment on are the plight of gays in Chechnya, the latest gay events in Cairns, the ongoing work to get the same-sex marriage law adopted in Australia, etc. Please allow me to do it next time.

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