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Yesterday I met the author of the book “Rudi Nuriev without make-up”, which was a sensation in Russia, and talked with him. It happened in my city – Cairns. The author’s name is Yuri Matthew Ryuntyu. He came to Australia long time ago, in 1980, as a refugee. He has a degree from Petrozavodsk university (Russia, USSR). He lived in Cairns – it’s a pity that we did not meet before, and moved to Canberra a short time ago. This time he came to Cairns for personal reasons.

I bought the book from the Kamkin bookshop in the USA, it was sent to me in Australia by mail. It was published in Russia in 1995, and I read it shortly after it was printed. Nuriev, or Nureyev, was a famous ballet dancer. He was gay (although not 100%, he was periodically interested in women too, so, apparently, there are reasons to consider him bisexual). Speaking about himself, Yuri said that he is not gay, but he has always worked for the rights of gays. He is now about 70. He told me a lot of interesting things. His book “Rudi Nuriev without make-up” impresses readers with “raw truth” and frankness. Sometimes even childlike naivety and … fairy-tale adventures and aspirations (it is not for nothing that Rudolf Nureyev danced fairy-tale characters).

It was one of the first gay books I read and the first book about a Soviet gay. Nureyev (1938 – 1993) was not ashamed of his sexuality, he behaved naturally and openly, which wouldn’t be a novelty or surprise nowadays, but back then it was amazing and even shocking. The impressions of me first reading the book are alive to this day, their strength has not weakened despite the fact that I have read lots of materials about gays after that and despite my own vast experience.

By the way, Rudolph Nureyev was a frequent visitor to Australia. Yuri Ryuntyu was acquainted with him for 7 years. Nureyev instructed him to write a biographical book, sharing with him his vast personal archive.

Yuri Matthew Ryuntyu published many other books, he wrote both in Russian and English. So yes, you could read his books about Nureyev in English (and other languages too).

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  1. 2018 BOOK – The death in Paris : Nureyev : Noureev : Son mort en Paris : Rudolf Noureev
    Rudolf Nureyev Noureev Rudolf – 400 interviews 10 000 friends
    Bookmark: / http://trove.nla.gov.au/version/228227415 /
    Edition – First Australian paperback edition. – Australia 2018
    Physical Description – 687 pages : portraits (some colour) ; 21 cm.

    Author – Ryuntyu, Yuri Matthew, Australian writer from Canberra ACT 2602

  2. 2009, Latin, Russian, English, French,
    Book edition:
    Rock idol & superstar : Freddie Mercury and Rudolf Nureyev
    Australian wtiter Yuri Matthew Ryuntyu. – Canberra ACT 2602 Australia

    Nureyev, Rudolf, 1938-1993.
    Nureyev, Rudolf, 1938-1993 — Correspondence.
    Ryuntyu, Yuri, 1949- — Diaries.
    Mercury, Freddie, 1946-1991.
    Mercury, Freddie – UK – USA
    Ryuntyu, Yuri Matthew.
    Mercury, Freddie – Spirit
    Rock musicians — England — Biography.
    AIDS (Disease) — Patients — Biography.
    Ballet dancers — Russia (Federation) — Biography.
    Rock musicians — Great Britain — Biography.
    “… the recipe for persons who need to know How to Survive if you’re neighboring and beloved ones are dying from AIDS and your need strength” –p. 375.
    Cover painting by Rudolf Nureyev.
    Majority of text consists of Rudolf Nureyev’s correspondence to author.
    Includes bibliographical references.
    Bookmark: / http://trove.nla.gov.au/version/44558252 /
    Edition – 1st Australian paperback ed. 2008
    Physical Description
    418 p. ; 21 cm.

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