Trip to Moscow (2)

Let me go on with my story about my recent Moscow trip and, in particular (and especially), about xl-spa.

First I’d like to clarify something. I visited the xl-spa website this morning and saw that 700 rubles (about US$11) are charged for entry on Friday and Saturday, and 500 on other days (but on Sunday it is 700 rubles from 6pm to 3am). It is free of charge always for guys aged 21 to 23. Apparently, persons under 21 years of age are not allowed in. But to be honest, I did not ask when I was there. I think that if this is so, then this is because of the draconian law on gay propaganda (although it forbids so-called gay propaganda only in relation to persons under 18). And what about boys aged 18 to 21? Direct discrimination, even in the light of the law on gay propaganda.

I’m not 18 or even 21, the prohibition and privilege did not apply to me, but I feel sorry for the guys under the age of 21, their rights are clearly violated.

However, now I am not going to elaborate on this hideous law on gay propaganda (I still hope that it will be abolished even under the current Kremlin regime). Let’s go on with my visit to xl-spa.

Another clarification about drag shows. They do not take place on Mondays and Tuesdays. But on Friday and Saturday it is a double show: at 10pm and at 12midnight. On Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday there are two drag queens, and on Friday and Saturday – three.

I went to xl-spa four (!) times. Twice I attended double shows, with three divas, and twice single ones, with two divas, – at 10pm only. They are “flexible” with the beginning and ending times, as it turned out, –  they never start on time. Usually it is 10 minutes later, and once we waited for almost half an hour! But if the queens are wired up, they can entertain an entire hour instead of the usual half an hour: this happened during my last visit, before my departure from Moscow. However, they seem to be wired up most of the time, and if it starts a bit slow for one of them, a bit later, believe me, they will catch up and will not leave you disappointed. But that last night they had a good sip of brandy before the public, so they were on fire, which we did not mind at all.

The constant participants of the shows are Gina Martin, a big girl indeed, and a tall and slim Blondie Bond. Both are talented and stylish actresses, with a sense of humor, picking on the audience and on each other, often using colourful language, and wearing extravagant dresses, shoes, makeup and wigs (although I not sure about Blondie Bond, that last night two other divas took off their wigs, exposing a man’s haircut, and Blondie Bond did not take anything off). By the way, some time ago I spoke to a local drag queen in Cairns (also an excellent artist, and a very big girl) and she turned out to be a gay guy who just likes this role. He said that drag queens could be many things: there are gay guys, straight guys, lesbians, straight ladies, and transgender people.

As I said before, in xl-spa there is a bar next to the stage. Bartenders – muscular guys, walk around in tight pants – to be admired, if you wish. They offer three brands of tap beer at the bar, and I invariably ordered the local Russian one “pshenichnoye (wheat beer)”. Rich flavour, which I enjoyed.

Customers were having drinks – beer, wine, brandy, vodka, energy drinks, tea, coffee, etc. – either at the bar counter or at the tables – there were lots of them in the hall. (Some ordered dinner – there is a kitchen there, it’s a bar-cafe.) They would watch the show from their places, “dressed” in towels, but there was one guy in panties, and another one other in a dressing gown.

On Wednesday and Sunday it’s themed nights. On Wednesday – XL Lotto, and on Sunday – Aqua show. XL Lotto is a bingo: the participants (anybody from the public) are given three boards and chips, the queens announce numbers, which they take out of a bag, and you have to fill the squares on the boards with the numbers. Three competitions, and three winners. The main prize is for the person who filled all three boards first. A bottle of champagne. And in between – lots of jokes. And songs before and after the lotto. Aqua show means that they install a shower on the stage behind a glass transparent wall and a naked guy, an actor, is taking a shower, with his back turned to the public. Volunteers from the public are invited, and they join him and also demonstrate their beautiful bodies from behind, sometimes, however, from the front – supposedly by accident. There were four volunteers who wanted to have a good time and entertain us. It was eye candy. Before and after the Aqua show, the queens would perform their fiery numbers.

This sauna is a wonderful establishment, I will never forget it and am even feeling nostalgic.

Now to other things. I liked my visit to the huge expo – VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy). It is a permanent general purpose trade show and amusement park. Currently renovation and repair works are being conducted there in many places, so it is somewhat chaotic. Still, no regrets. A fine, sunny day, relaxed visitors, a lot of handsome guys…

I liked the “cosmos/outer space complex” next to VDNKh: an alley of cosmonauts (astronauts), a monument to outer space heroes…

In a bookstore in the centre, I attended an interesting lecture about cosmos on the occasion of the Cosmonautics Day on April 12.

I enjoyed my visit to the Tretyakov Gallery – you’ve seen the photos already. It is a Russian art museum. In my today’s photo collection you will see some paintings and sculptures of the main exposition (non-Russian art) of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, and in my final, third collection, paintings and sculptures of the second part of the Pushkin Museum (non-Russian art of the 19-20th centuries).

I did a lot of walking in Moscow, and visited several parks and recreation zones.

Of course I visited the Red Square and the Kremlin: breathtaking views. I also walked along two famous streets: new and old Arbat, impressive indeed.

And, as I said before, I attended two theatre performances: a lovely musical in the Operetta Theatre and an inspiring flamenco show in the Kremlin Palace.

And now, back to Cairns.

We had a sad event yesterday – celebration of Brendan’s life. He was a gay activist and employee of QAHC (Queensland Association for Healthy Communities (now QuAC – Queensland AIDS Council), and even a drag queen in his younger years (top class, by the way). For a few years before passing away, he worked as a community relations officer in a local council. He died suddenly from a clot in the lungs at the age of 51. He was a fine, kind person. Everyone loved him. He did not have any enemies. His partner, David, with whom Brendan lived for 13 years, made a heart-felt speech. There were a lot of people there. Tea, coffee, sandwiches were offered. A monitor was playing a slide-show of Brendan, often shown with his relatives, friends and colleagues. I knew Brendan quite well, he was always friendly and nice, with a big smile on his face. The last two photos of today’s collection are an image of Brendan and a picture of David, who spoke before us remembering his late partner.

I met quite a few friends and acquaintances there, and had a chat with some of them. I spoke to David too, of course.

And here’s the second collection of my Moscow photos and two pictures dedicated to Brendan.

In the next few days, I will publish my third Moscow collection.

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