Last weekend

I spent this last weekend on the Atherton tableland. It took me about two hours to get to my destination. I stayed overnight in my friends’ farmhouse. I interacted not only with people, but also with animals and birds, and there were lots of them there. Also, we went to a Sunday market nearby, at Wondecla, where we had some good coffee and bought fruits and vegetables. The farm has a dam (pond) where platypuses live. I did not see them yesterday, but I did see them a few years ago. Finally, we had a three-kilometer walk around lake Eacham, which is a crater lake. I always enjoy my time on the tableland, and this latest occasion was not an exception. You could see some photos down below.

As for other things in my life, I want to mention coffee at my new gay friends’ place. They moved to Cairns from Sydney not long ago. There were 8 gays there altogether, and we had an interesting and animated discussion.

Another event I can’t ignore is what happened 10 days ago in India: the decriminalization of homosexuality (including gay sex). Decriminalization already took place on July 2, 2009 by decision of the Delhi High Court. However, the Supreme Court of India reversed this decision on December 11, 2013. This reversal upset many people, who were also surprised by how strangely the legal system of this huge country worked. To add to the surprise is the fact that India is officially considered the largest democracy in the world! Finally, on September 6 this year, the Supreme Court re-considered the issue and invalidated the relevant section of the Criminal Code, thereby legitimizing homosexuality in India. A long-awaited and happy event, which, I am sure, will have world-wide implications.

Before saying goodbye, I want to mention that I’m about to finalise a photo album (maybe I’ll publish several smaller ones) of my trip to Chillagoe with the new LGBT group (I referred to it before). We went there during the previous weekend (September 7-9). I will share the photos with you soon.

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