Trip to Hobart

In October-November, I spent two weeks in Hobart, the capital of the Australian island state of Tasmania. The population of the state is about half a million people, and the area is about 68,400 sq. km. The population of Hobart is about 240 thousand people.

Tasmania is the coldest state of Australia. In Hobart, the average temperature in July is + 8 ° C, and in February, +17 ° C. Not very cold by the standards of Russia, Ukraine, USA or UK, but cold by the standards of Australia. It is especially chilly when the wind blows from Antarctica, then the temperature seems to have fallen below zero.

I went there to work at a conference related to Antarctic issues. By the way, Hobart is a kind of the Antarctic capital of this country. The Australian Antarctic Division is located here. It conducts research related to the sixth continent and the Southern (Antarctic) Ocean and organises expeditions to Antarctica. Hobart is also the headquarters of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), an international organization with 25 member-states, including Australia, NZ, Russia, Ukraine, USA and UK. This is a kind of mini-United Nations. The official languages of CCAMLR are English, French, Russian and Spanish. Meetings of the Commission and its Scientific Committee are held annually. One of the achievements of CCAMLR was the creation of a marine protected area in the Ross Sea region in 2016.

In October and November, Hobart is especially attractive: this is the middle of the Australian spring when lots of trees and flowers are in blossom. The city has many well-kept gardens and houses, and very good restaurants. It has world-class museums. Different tourist agencies organise a variety of tours around the city and the state. The city has beautiful botanical gardens, an impressive covered aquatic centre, parks, squares, beaches and esplanades.

Unlike Sydney, I had no contact with local gays during that trip. But in the past, I attended some local LGBT events. I’d like to do it again. If I happen to be in Hobart again, I am sure to do it. I will find time among work, receptions, excursions and walks. Honestly, it is not an easy task: I get tired at work, and often come back to my hotel at 9 and 10 in the evening. When I come home, I want to rest, and get ready for the next working day … In the morning and during the weekend, I want to relax: take walks, visit a museum or go on a tour. However, I will try to re-connect with the LGBT community in the future, this is important.

Here’s a selection of Hobart photos. In the coming days, I am intending to prepare two more photo albums – about two Hobart museums.

A few words about my city – Cairns. It is incredibly hot and stuffy here. The temperature at midday over the last few days has been around 40°C. Only the air conditioner is saving me (and many other residents). Yesterday late afternoon we had a thunderstorm with peals of thunder and lightnings. Not boring at all 😊

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