FAQ – Frequently asked questions by gay and bisexual tourists and their friends and family, and answers of an Australian gay tour guide


Why you should choose Cairns?
Cairns and the region (Far North Queensland) is a popular travel destination for tourists because of its tropical climate and natural beauty. It serves as a starting point for people wanting to visit the Great Barrier Reef and wet tropics. It has unique wildlife, including kangaroos, possums, turtles, platypuses, crocodiles, kookaburras, cassowaries, butterflies, and such incredible features as ocean beaches, crater lakes, huge fig and kauri trees, limestone caves, waterfalls, lava tubes, Aboriginal settlements and cave paintings, museums, nature reserves, a variety of quality shops and restaurants, to name just a few. It has a friendly attitude towards LGBT people, including gay and bisexual men, and their friends and relatives, and a number of facilities and activities for them!


Why are your tours such good value for money?
We do not function as a traditional tour company. We are Australian local gay guides. We do not have the same overheads as tour companies, so we do not have to ask you to dip deep into your pocket to cover our expenses. We sell our tours in Australia directly “from the manufacturer”, i.e. from us, without extra fees or charges (which could be very substantial) of traditional tour companies.

Moreover, we work as guide-drivers. So you do not have to pay twice – for a guide and a driver (which is often the case with tour companies). You pay for the services provided by one person which is obviously much cheaper.

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