3. Crocodiles, Mossman, Pt.Douglas

Suggested guided tour to the north of Cairns along the Coral Sea coast: crocodiles in the wild, beaches, Mossman Gorge and Port Douglas. Introduction to Cairns gay life.

This tour covers a variety of things. You will see huge crocodiles in a wild life park, get to know other tenants of this park-zoo, visit the breathtaking Mossman Gorge where you could swim in a transparent mountain river and see some Aboriginals, and visit the famous resort city of Port Douglas.


Description of this one-day tour from Cairns:
(The arrangements for Turtle Cove, Pt Douglas, etc. could be slightly different.)

You will go along one of the most picturesque sections of the Coral Sea road to the north of Cairns towards the Daintree National Park, one of the oldest rainforests in the world. First you will visit a wild life park –  Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures – which has a river teeming with crocodiles. Here large Australian crocodiles (up to 6 metres long) continue to live in their natural habitat while being also used by farmers who collect their eggs from their nests to raise new crocodiles. Here you will have a boat cruise, and a local ranger will be feeding them. You will see crocodiles jumping out of the water to get the food and “play” with the ranger. It is an unbelievable sight!

Then you will go to the beautiful Mossman Gorge located in the middle of a jungle not far from the Daintree National Park. This is part of the area listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its beauty and special nature values. You will have a walk in the forest and will hear information about the ancient wet tropics, see forest dragons, listen to birds singing, swim in pure and transparent waters of a mountain river in the jungle.


Next to the gorge, there is an Aboriginal village, and you will see it on your way to the gorge. Aborigines are also guardians of the gorge, and they work in a tourist centre nearby. There you could buy souvenirs, local tea or coffee, and have a cup of coffee in a cosy cafe if you wish.

Then you will visit Mossman, a typical small town of the Australian outback. Half of its population are Aborigines. If you like, we could stop there for some time and visit a local pub and have an Australian beer or wine, and, if you already feel hungry, have lunch. You could also have a chat with locals who are always happy to see tourists.

Mossman Gorge 2 2011

After that, you will go to Port Douglas, a resort town, where you will walk along a picturesque main street, visit a nice little church, have a walk on the famous 4-mile beach, will climb to a lookout with a breathtaking view. And if you haven’t had lunch in Mossman, you could have lunch in a friendly pub in Port Douglas.

On the way back you could visit a popular gay resort, Turtle Cove (if you are not staying there already). Here you could order beer, wine or a cocktail, have a walk on a cute beach, and have a swim in the sea (clothing optional). You could also have a chat with local gays and gays from other countries.

In Cairns you could visit some places popular with gays: clubs and restaurants. You could also enquire about such activities as Tropical Pride which includes a Fair Day; concerts, balls and parties; and post Sydney Mardi Gras recovery at the famous Turtle Cove resort on the Coral Sea.


The last stop you will have before returning to Cairns will be Rex lookout. Here you could take impressive pictures of the sea and the mountains.

Already in Cairns, you will go through the most popular beach in Cairns, Palm Cove, which has a nice view over Double Island and Scout Island.

Tour duration: 10 hours


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