Yesterday’s meeting with Ian Byford

Yesterday in my Smithfield shopping centre, I bumped into Ian Byford, a long-time friend of mine and a fellow LGBT activist in Cairns. A few days before that, I had spoken with him over the phone – he invited me to the launch of his book about gay Cairns. I had to refuse because of my trip overseas. However, I said that I would definitely read the book on my return.

So, unexpectedly, I met with him yesterday – a pleasant surprise. Ian gave me an autographed invitation. We had a small talk, and discussed in particular some aspects of my upcoming trip. Ian is well-travelled, and he enjoys sharing his experience.

I wished him success for the launch of the book, which will be a significant event in the life of our LGBT community.

Today, in a few hours, I will start my journey. I intend to regularly update my blog while travelling.