The 1st of March

Congratulations to those of you who live in the northern hemisphere on the onset of spring, and to those of you who live in the southern hemisphere including Australia (this also applies to me), on the onset of autumn. Both seasons are good and desirable. For many, this is the period of the awakening of nature and the beginning of warmer weather, and for many, including residents of tropical cities, it is the beginning of cooler and more pleasant weather.

I myself will say goodbye this weekend to the Australian autumn which has just begun, and will be moving into spring in the northern hemisphere.

Good luck everyone!

New structure of the Blog

Dear Friends,
I have decided to upgrade my website, and also change the structure of My Diary (Blog). From now on, posts will be appearing on the front page. I think it will make the website more accessible and attractive. I hope you don’t mind, and your feedback will be greatly appreciated, as usual.
And please bear in mind that you could still access the old posts in the My Diary sections.
Have a great Valentine’s Day, and my best wishes for the future!



Welcome to our website for GAY TOURISM in one of the most beautiful areas of the world!

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Cairns on the map:


This tourism business is for gay and bisexual men and their friends and family.

This business covers Far North Queensland in Australia, particularly Cairns and the region. It is one of the most beautiful areas in the world, with two humankind heritage domains (as listed by UNESCO): The Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics.

We are an official business registered as RadugaTourism, and our ABN (Australian Business Number) is: 77 144 964 698.

We are a member of GALTA (Gay and Lesbian Tourism Australia).


Video about Cairns and the region:

Thanks for visiting this website. Please take time to read its sections which include detailed information on our tours.


And for a list of our tours with a brief summary please go to:
List of tours

And here are testimonials given by people from different countries:



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