Yesterday’s meeting with Ian Byford

Yesterday in my Smithfield shopping centre, I bumped into Ian Byford, a long-time friend of mine and a fellow LGBT activist in Cairns. A few days before that, I had spoken with him over the phone – he invited me to the launch of his book about gay Cairns. I had to refuse because of my trip overseas. However, I said that I would definitely read the book on my return.

So, unexpectedly, I met with him yesterday – a pleasant surprise. Ian gave me an autographed invitation. We had a small talk, and discussed in particular some aspects of my upcoming trip. Ian is well-travelled, and he enjoys sharing his experience.

I wished him success for the launch of the book, which will be a significant event in the life of our LGBT community.

Today, in a few hours, I will start my journey. I intend to regularly update my blog while travelling.

The 1st of March

Congratulations to those of you who live in the northern hemisphere on the onset of spring, and to those of you who live in the southern hemisphere including Australia (this also applies to me), on the onset of autumn. Both seasons are good and desirable. For many, this is the period of the awakening of nature and the beginning of warmer weather, and for many, including residents of tropical cities, it is the beginning of cooler and more pleasant weather.

I myself will say goodbye this weekend to the Australian autumn which has just begun, and will be moving into spring in the northern hemisphere.

Good luck everyone!