Party at QuAC

The day before yesterday our gay center QuAC hosted a party. We were invited to watch the finale of an American drag queen contest. A barbecue was organised, people were talking, and, when watching the show, were chewing popcorn. At the end (what a coincidence!) we came out of the building to watch fireworks coming from Cairns Showgrounds located nearby. Here are some photos of the party.

June 1

My best wishes to all those of you who live in the northern hemisphere, in view of the onset of summer, and the inhabitants of the southern hemisphere (including my fellow Australians) – in view of the onset of winter. Both are wonderful seasons!

I also wish to remind you that June 1 is the International Day for Protection of Children. Special protection is required for gay children whose feelings and identities are often suppressed and oppressed by the family, school and society. We must fight to ensure that such children are free and can grow up as equal and happy people who are able to enjoy their sexuality fully, without fear and confusion!

Trip to Moscow (3)

Here’s the third bunch of my Moscow photos.

In addition to the pictures of Moscow, you will see two photos of my long-suffering mother, on one of which she appears with her granddaughter, my niece. At the end of May, the plaster will be removed, but for now her granddaughter is helping her.

My trip to Moscow this year was very unusual for me – so many things happened! I’m still partly over there. Am glad that I got connected with the general Russian culture and gay culture.

During my next trip I would like to go to St Petersburg: visit the Hermitage and the Russian Museum, take walks around this beautiful city, the second Russian capital, meet local gays, and in particular go to a local gay bar and gay sauna. My last visit to St Petersburg was long, long time ago …

I hope that my next trip to Moscow will be without broken limbs of my relatives and will be cloudless. I would like to get connected again with the Moscow gay culture: in gay clubs, gay-saunas and other places.

Here in Cairns, we have some kind of lull in gay activity. I mean that there is no such passion that had existed for several years before the adoption in Australia of the law on same-sex marriage at the end of last year. Now, we may say, LGBT people are enjoying the fruits of the recent victory. The LGBT Alliance has been silent, but the Alliance activists, with whom I talked at the Brendan’s celebration, said that soon it would change, and it should – we could always find interesting projects. Ahead of us is an LGBT film festival, parade, a week of the Tropical Pride Festival. Different LGBT groups are still there, doing interesting stuff. This Friday, within the framework of our gay group boyZout, we’ll have a movie night (with a new gay movie) with a dinner. It will be a good opportunity for us to socialise. QuAC, the unifying center for LGBT people, is still in operation. It is funded by the state government.

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